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With all the "Sh*t" whoever says stuff, we were in desperate need of a new meme. And this one made our day. Poor Robert puts up a valiant fight till the end, but ultimately, he is simply too dense to get the joke. This guy is a meme made in heaven. We need more Roberto's in the world!

Then again, we could be wrong. Maybe 'Cat Facts' is a legit new service ventured by these folks:

Inside Talent Resources' Suites at Sundance

Every year movie (and party) lovers from all over the world flock to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. It's the world's largest independent film festival and includes 10 days of non-stop films, celebrities, parties, mingling, and networking. And Talent Resources has certainly returned to Sundance 2012 with a bang! Their gifting suites have been jam-packed with celebrities swooping up gifts from sponsors such as Rachel Roy, Sean John, Cream of Wheat, The Teaologist, DL1961 Premium Denim, Prasad Medical Skincare, and more!

Everyone from William H. Macy to Mary J. Blige has shown up to get their hands on free goodies. But it wasn't all about receiving; celebs also gave back by signing custom silver Cream of Wheat thermoses that are to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House charity.

Chanel Celebrates 10 Years in Sin City with Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba

Last Friday night, a star-studded crowd celebrated Chanel's 10th year in Las Vegas. The legendary fashion house not only celebrated their newly remodeled boutique at the Bellagio, but they also popped the champagne for the opening of their “Numeros Privees: A Journey Through the World of Chanel" exhibit. The newly opened exhibit features a 10-room installation of the world of Chanel. One room features a Karl Lagerfield dollhouse complete with CC logo print wallpaper and Coco Chanel dolls, dressed in mini Chanel jackets! A room next door features a classic quilted chain Chanel handbag with a 24 screen video of the making of the bag --right down to how the stitching is created.

[VIDEO] Bad Person Eats 14 Endangered Twinkies

We're sure you all know by now that Hostess (legendary maker of Twinkies) has filed for bankruptcy. Meaning, Twinkie's days are numbered. Then along comes this Takeru guy in his v-neck sweater; who goes on the Wendy Williams Show, and inhales fourteen of them in ONE minute to set some record that doesn't even matter! This behavior will certainly leave us mortals forced to deep fry secondary artery-clogging, obesity-inducing snacks such as Oreos, Snickers bars, and churros. Or we may even resort to Beef Twinkies.

If Kobasyashi keeps this up, what will become of us all? Who will we turn to, Little Debbie?

AAA's Five Diamond Restaurants of 2012

A Five Diamond rating is considered the Rolls-Royce of ratings. Leave it to AAA to one-up the 'ol star and hand out diamonds! Diamonds are a girl's and a restaurant's best friend. Today, AAA released their 2012 Five Diamond list, which includes 7 newbies (3 being from New York. Represent!): Marea, Del Posto, Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York; Menton in Boston; Sacramento's The Kitchen; Herons Restaurant in Cary, NC, and Restaurant Initiale in Québec.

So, foodies, without further ado, here is AAA's list of 2012 Five Diamond Restaurants (courtesy of Eater):

[VIDEO] The Bark Side: Dogs Bark Star Wars' Imperial March

Ok, so our day just got even better. Volkswagen has just released the teaser for their 2012 Super Bowl commercial. Once again they appeal to Star Wars fans, but this time with various canines dressed as Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Princess Leia et al, while barking the 'Imperial March' theme.

This is just too good for words.

Inside the Grand Reopening of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club

Last night the who's who of hip hop, Hollywood, professional sports, and apparently, even finance came out to celebrate Jay-Z's "formal attire only" grand reopening of the 40/40 Club. And, grand, it certainly was. Once we got past the red carpet, cameras, and mob of people trying to get in, we were greeted with Ace of Spades champagne as we entered the elaborate entrance that looked more like a grand ballroom than a "sports club." Just put it this way, 40/40 is Jay-Z's establishment, so you know it's going to be over-the-top. Gigantic chandeliers surrounded the decadent bar, lined with none other than Ace of Spades champagne. The tiered seating is furnished with white leather booths, surrounded by a glass enclosure and larger-than-life flat screen TVs. This "sports bar" is more fancy than most upscale lounges, and we loved it. It's safe to say, 40/40 Club is the "King" of all sports clubs. And we really expected nothing less from HOV.

Juliet Supperclub Facing Eviction After Shootings

In light of the recent crimes, including murder, drug use, and fights, Juliet Supperclub may be getting the boot from its Chelsea location. After two murders late last year, the landlord has had enough and filed to evict the rowdy club. The notice, filed November 18th, stated Juliet had breached its lease by allowing “a culture of lawlessness and violence” to ensue.

In September 2011, a man was stabbed outside the club, but according to a Juliet spokesperson the victim was not a patron. Two months later in late November, a man opened fire inside the club and shot and killed one man while injuring two others.

The World's 10 Most Absurdly Expensive Cocktails

While we all go around complaining about $15 dollar cocktails, someone in Kentucky is dropping a G on some mint julep. And that's mere chump change compared to the drink that takes the #1 spot. Here are the ten most expensive cocktails in the world.

10. Kentucky Derby Mint Julep, $1,000, Churchill Downs, KY (above)

This $1k cocktail is made of Woodford Reserve Mint Julep, turbinado sugar, Louisville-grown mint, and ice from a 10,000-year-old glacier. But the expense isn't as much in the ingredients as it's in the experience of drinking out of limited-edition Tiffany & Co. silver cup while watching the 2 minute long race in a really large hat, of course.

9. Original Mai Tai, $1270, Merchant Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland

This is J. Wray & Nephew Jamaican rum sourced from the real Trader Vic Bergeon "Trader Vic" of the 1940's. Only six bottles from the original harvest remain and the Merchant Hotel owns one of them, so they charge an absurd amount of money to really rich people with cash to spare.

Starbucks 'Blonde' Blend Jokes an Offense, 'Blonde' Blend Flavor Also an Offense

Starbucks is taking their new 'blonde' Veranda blend very seriously. Apparently, if any employees make a 'blonde' joke about the new flavor, it will be a written offense. According to Jim Romenesko's Starbucks Gossip site:

we were told at a Regional Rally there are absolutely no Blonde jokes to be told around the coffee what so ever. It will be a written offense if so. This came right from the [Regional Director]'s mouth to about 100 [Store Managers] so communicate back to our stores at our own meetings.