Happy Friday: You Know You Want to Watch this Aggressive Kitten Love

What can we say? It's Friday, and yes, we're ready for the weekend. But not before watching this needy kitten aggressively demand attention. It's clear who is the female in this duo. (Hint: it's not the one lying in the guy's lap.)

Happy Friday!

[PICS] A Shipload of Fun: Holy Ship! Rages On

While we boring adults toil away at our office desks in 30 degree weather, a shit ship-load of people are having the time of their lives, bikini-clad in the tropics. Holy Ship! set sail last Friday and pictorial evidence has surfaced of what we suspected was going to be the the craziest cruise of all time. Indeed, it is. With Skrillex, Steve Aoki, A-Trak, Diplo, Jonathan Davis, and Tommy Lee amongst others, we had no doubt this was going to be quite the party. Now there's photographic evidence of what we're missing. Laugh now, cry later? Actually, cry now, cry later.

Which reminds us --we need a vacation....or at least a "field reporting" assignment.

[All photos courtesy of SPIN.com]

Bloomberg vs. Booze: The Mayor's Crackdown on Liquor in NYC

According to the NY Post, Mayor Bloomberg is planning his own mini-prohibition. In an effort to discourage underage and excess drinking, he plans to cut down the number of establishments allowed to sell liquor in NYC. Grants provided by President Obama's healthcare law will fund the effort. Apparently too many underage New Yorker's boozing it up along with increased accidents and ER visits have inspired the new law. From 2003-2009, alcohol related emergency room visits doubled; while 1 in 10 hospitializations were due to boozing. Additionally, 1 in 6 adults reported being lushes. Alcohol is also involed in 28% of fatalies in automobile accidents and nearly half of homicides in NYC.

This could be bad news for the nightlife industry. According to the documents the main crackdown will be on the sheer number retail outlets and bars allowed liquor licenses (which is A LOT).

“Reduce the exposure to alcohol products and bar advertising and promotion in retail and general (trains, buses, etc.) settings (stores, restaurants, etc”, the proposal document says.

“The city’s goals for the Partnership for a Healthier New York are in line with our ongoing strategies of promoting healthy eating and physical activity and discouraging tobacco, excessive alcohol use and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages,” a spokeswoman said. “Specific proposals, however, are still in the planning phase.”

[VIDEO] The Page Turner

This is the most delightful video I've seen in a while. Whether you're a fan of classics like Marble Works or Mouse Trap, or just a science nerd who loves inventing, this vid will get you giddy. Pure entertainment.

(These modern days kids with their iPads just don't know what they're missing.)

Strangers Confess Their Worst Deeds

Strangers took to the interweb yesterday to confess the worst deeds they've ever committed. As of today, the page is going strong and has received thousands of replies with confessions of the guilt-ridden. Some of them are laughable while others are horrendous. We have no idea if the stories are true or not, but either way it's an interesting read. You'll either feel worse or better about yourself after reading these.

Hairably Offensive: 5 Hair Sins to Avoid

We're not sure which season is more brutal on our hair, winter or summer. Both bring extreme weather and temperatures that make our locks look like a hot mess. From the humidity in the summer to the icy rain and snowfall in the winter, our mane is all over the place. There are some days not even the best products can save our heads. Sometimes it's out of our control. However, there are some hair faux pas we can control (at least most of them).

Here are some hair no-no's that never work, no matter how trendy they may become.

[VIDEO] Sh!T Single Girls Say

There's been a recent spawn of hysterical videos co-produced by Juliette Lewis titled "Shit Girls Say." The videos feature a guy dressed as a girl popping off typical "girl" comments and phrases. One of our favorite scenes spotlights the phenomenon of how girls react when they see each other by running towards one another yelling "aaahh!" and embracing and jumping around. (Yes, we're all guilty of it.)

The latest video to pop up, which appears to be unrelated to the original "Shit Girls Say" series is "Shit Single Girls Say." And we must SAY, it definitely had us laughing (mostly at ourselves). Enjoy.

Everyday I'm Trufflin'

Food trends, like all trends, come and go. One big food trend going on right now is truffle flavored, well...everything! From truffle flavored french fries to truffle pizza to truffle mayonnaise, truffles are taking the world by storm. And with good reason. Truffle oil is so good, you could put it on a wet paper bag and it would be delicious. Yes, when it comes to this delectable fungus, I have been known to lick the plate.

There are several species of truffles, the most commonly used is black truffles. The most expensive and coveted is the elusive white truffle 'Alba madonna.' It originates from a region in northern Italy in a city called Alba. Other cities where they can be found is Molise, Tuscany and parts of Croatia. In other words, these babies are imported.

10 Worthy Causes to Give to This Year

'Tis the season for giving, always. Now that the holidays are over and we've all finally received the gifts we've been craving all year, it is a better time than ever to give back.

Here are ten charities we love:

Did you know millions of children live everyday without a single pair of shoes? While we scurry around our bedrooms worrying about which pair to wear with what, countless children don't even own a single pair to fret over. Soles 4 Souls is changing that. By partnering up with fashion brands and shoe companies, Soles 4 Souls has delivered over 60 million pairs of shoes to needy children. So why not donate and provide shoes for someone who needs them a little more?

Former Nightlife Queen Amy Sacco Slapped with 50k Lawsuit

The NY Post reports, Amy Sacco, once nightlife queen of NYC until filing for bankruptcy and shutting down her local hot spots (which included Chelsea club, Bungalow 8, and Restaurant Bette), has been hit with a $50,000 lawsuit in default judgements. A federal bankruptcy judge in White Plains granted the judgement last week to trustees who were liquidating EOS Airlines, a New York to London business-class only service, who Sacco was formerly a consultant for.

The trustees also sued both Bette and Bungalow 8 back in April 2010 for what they claimed were "fradulent transfers" that EOS paid just before filing for bankruptcy, which neither venue never responded to. Bungalow 8's judgement is for $19,571.95 while Bette's is $28,231.62, both as a result of payments they received from EOS.