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Dinners 2014 at Lucky Cheng's Restaurant

Lucky Cheng's Restaurant

Prefixe Dinner at Lucky Cheng's

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 5PM - 7PM


Get your New Year's Eve off to a fabulous start at Times Square’s Lucky Cheng’s, serving some of the best Asian cuisine in town, and the best spot on New Year's Eve to satisfy all your hungers before embarking on a wild night of over-the-top revelry.  

With the most flamboyant staff Times Square has to offer, Lucky Cheng's invites you to start your night at 5pm and dine until 7pm on a delicious Pan-Asian-inspired Prix-Fixe dinner. A special menu has been prepared by world-class chef Meas, who since the age of four, has been perfecting his craft for creating compelling Asian-fusion dishes. The menu has a theatric undertone, with courses dubbed as "Acts". An amuse bouche gets things started in Act I, with your choice of either Crispy Wonton Skins or Sea Salt Roasted Edamame. Act II focuses on appetizers like Sesame Mango Chicken Salad, Scallion Pancakes with dipping sauce, or Thai Pumpkin and Coconut Milk Soup to name a few. And Act III entrees feature Lucky Cheng's Famous 5 spice BBQ Platter, Salmon, Chicken and Filet Mignon…plus many, many more. Each Act has a vegetarian friendly option too. And finally, the Finale brings you 'Good Fortune' with a chef's assortment of delicious desserts to end your dinner with a sugary finish as you transition over to the sweet, sweet night ahead.

Lucky Cheng's is the first venue of its kind to feature such a fashionable looking staff. Lucky Cheng's has been featured in the hit TV show Sex in the City and has appeared on the celeb-gossip Page Six countless times.  This trendy three-floor venue has entertained the likes of celebrities, as well as hungry New Yorker's who want premium Asian fare in a fabulous environment. All the glamour and glitter you might find in a wild cabaret is reflected in Lucky Cheng's kitschy décor, friendly staff, and phenomenally flavorful food.   

This NYE, the best Pre-Fixe dinner in town is at Lucky Cheng’s –NYC’s most over-the-top spot for fine food and famous kitsch. Eat up, everyone: Lucky Cheng’s has the tastiest spread in town. 


Disclaimer: Please note, restaurants reserve the right to change menu selections without notice.



Prefixe Dinner at Lucky Cheng's
Sold Out

You are purchasing (1) ticket for a prefix dinner at Lucky Cheng's that starts at 5 PM. You will have a 2 hour time frame for dinner. 

There is a late night party that starts at 8 PM and you will be asked to leave by 7 PM. If you would like to stay past 7 PM, you MUST purchase a ticket to the late night event in advance and cannot purchase on-site. 

You will need to purchase a ticket for each guest in your party. 

Dress Code

 New Year's Eve festive!


Act I (Choose One): 

  • Crispy Wonton Skins – Trio of Sauces
  • Sea Salt Roasted Edamame & Pickled Vegetables

Act II – Appetizers (Choose One): 

  • Pupu Platters of Assorted Appetizers (Vegetarian Option)
  • Thai Pumpkin and Coconut Milk Soup – Toasted Pumpkin Seeds.
  • Scallion Pancakes with Dipping Sauce
  • Chopped Chicken or Tofu Lettuce Wraps
  • Vegetarian Sushi
  • Thai Slaw
  • Pork Pot Stickers
  • Marinated Eggplant with Sticky Rice
  • Sesame Mango Chicken Salad
  • Peel & Eat Shrimp
  • Assorted Sushi
  • Shrimp and Noodles Summer Rolls
  • Twice Cooked Chinese Black Bean Spare Ribs
  • Tuna & Avocado

Act III - Entrees (Choose One): 

  • Lucky Cheng’s Famous 5 Spice Barbeque Platters
  • Wok-fried Egg Noodles
  • Vegetarian Sushi
  • Dinner Salads: Asian Caeser, Mixed Green or Carrot-Ginger
  • Chinese Broccoli, Crispy Brussels Sprout
  • Szechuan Charred Chicken
  • Assorted Sushi
  • Bamboo Steamed Salmon
  • Leek Fried Rice
  • Hard Seared Filet Mignon

The Finale – Good Fortune Desserts

  • Chef’s Assortment of Delicious Delectables

Your Choice of (1) cocktail, soda, juice or water 

** Gratuity is not included and suggested you tip $10-15 per person**