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New Year's Eve 2013 at Bipolar


Brooklyn Ciroc New Year's Eve at Bipolar

Monday, December 31st, 2012 9pm - 8am


Ciroc | Upscale Crowd | Curtis Quow | HKNY





Ciroc New Years Eve Party

9PM - "8AM"




We're Bringing the Allure of Partying in Manhattan to the Heart of Brooklyn

Grand Opening of New Super Sexy Venue


4 Floors | 1,000 Beautiful People | Hip Hop & Caribbean Music

The BEST Hip Hop & Caribbean NYE Celebration in Brooklyn

Experience The Best of Manhattan Without the Hassle of the City

No Traffic Congestion | Easy Street Parking | Beautiful People | Sexy Venue


General VIP
+5.00 Fee

Express Entry

Complimentary Champagne Toast 

Access to 3 Levels 

Discount on All Bottles

Ultra VIP
+8.00 Fee

Complimentary Dinner By Glorias Restaurant / #3 Featured on the Travel Channel "No Reservations" Show. 

Complimentary Champagne Toast 

Access to all 4 Levels 

Party Favors 

Complimentary Breakfast

Music Crowd

Carribean & Hip-hop

Dress Code

This is An Upscale Party So Dress the part: Manhattan Chic

No Athletic Sneakers | No T-shirts | No Caps (Designer Sneakers & Jeans OK)