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Thu, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve 2014 at RdV

RdV Afterparty

RdV's New Year's Eve 2013 After Party!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 2am - 4am


Shall we rendezvous on the greatest night of the year?!? Absolutely when we’re talking about the hottest New Year’s Eve 2013 After Party hook-up in the MPD! RdV (aka Rendezvous) is the crowning jewel of the Meatpacking District’s exclusive velvet roped trifecta of Bagatelle, Kiss and Fly and RdV. In the high drama world of nightclubbing fantasies come true, discover RdV.  Nestled under the super chic eatery, Bagatelle, RdV gained notoriety as THE spot for decadent romps into nocturnal delights catering to Manhattan's social scene complete with models, moguls and media darlings. The luxe subterranean ambiance is scintillating and the five-star exclusivity is unrivaled. From the moment you saunter down the steps through the unmarked frosted glass doors, you'll know you've arrived! Fashioned after an opulent grand sitting room in a turn of the century European hotel, the decadent ambiance is a feast for your eyes and a temptation for your soul.   The sumptuous décor of antique couches, bedazzling crystal chandeliers, gold framed mirrors, potted palm trees and surrealist art work is divine.

A fabulous way to end your New Year's night is at your beckon call so whether you’re an amorous twosome or single out with friends ready to mingle (or anything in between), RdV provides the best and finest elements for a debaucherous night of New Year’s Eve revelry at its finest. 

After Party highlights include:

  • Entrance into the venue starting at 2am
  • State of the art sound system and lighting system featuring a live DJ performance 
  • Festive Party Favors

...and a joonbug.com photographer present to capture all the merry making (and mischief making) one night can handle. 


After Party
Sold Out
  • Includes entry to the venue starting at 2:00am
  • Live DJ performance

Music Crowd

Live DJ performance

(House | Top 40 | Pop | Hip Hop | Mash Ups)

Dress Code

Dress to impress. New Year’s Eve festive!