TICKETS BY PHONE: (917) 300-0930

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San Francisco's NYE Crawl 'Til The Ball Falls Bar Crawl

San Francisco's NYE Crawl 'Til The Ball Falls Bar Crawl

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 5PM - 2AM

Prices Subject To Change

Registration is at the following location:

  1. Registration Time: 5pm - 10pm
    Revolution Bar
    3248 22nd St San Francisco, CA 94110
We highly recommend using Public Transportation. If you must drive, make sure to use a designated driver!

The Mission

  1. Delirium
    3139 16th St San Francisco, CA 94103
  2. Latin American Club
    3286 22nd St San Francisco, CA 94110
  3. Beauty Bar
    2299 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94110
  4. Uptown
    200 Capp St San Francisco, CA 94110
  5. Skylark
    3089 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94110
  6. Bender's Bar & Grill
    806 South Van Ness Avenue San Francisco , CA 94110
  7. Elbo Room
    647 Valencia St San Francisco, CA 94110
  8. Southern Pacific Brewery
    620 Treat Avenue San Francisco, CA 94110
  9. Registration Point
    Revolution Bar
    3248 22nd St San Francisco, CA 94110


Get ready to crawl into the BIGGEST, the BADDEST, the most OVER-THE-TOP New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, with the official NYE Crawl 'Til the Ball Falls Bar Crawl. Get ready to drink it up NYE revelers: it’s gonna be one deluxe night of divine debauchery.

What’s better than one wild NYE party in San Francisco? How about more than five bars? That’s right, at this insane NYE Bar Crawl, you’ll have access to all the best New Year’s revelry at a diverse array of premium party destinations. This NYE, the party is gonna be reeling from bar to bar like a wild-man. Get the best night of your life started by registering at Revolution Bar anytime between 5pm-10pm on Wednesday December 31, 2014. Once that’s done, you simply grab your cup, stylish wristband, and detailed bar crawl map, and get started filling that complimentary cup with the best booze in town. That’s right, this NYE, the most expansive bar crawl in San Francisco, has an early start- 5pm to be precise! And this extraordinary NYE event goes well past that epic midnight moment, making this crawl a marathon party for the ages.

This NYE, join a host of San Francisco’s hottest party people as we pay tribute to the best New Year yet, with some classic Bar Crawl tradition.


Bar Crawl Registration Ticket @ TBA 5pm-10pm
+6.00 Fee
  • Tickets entitles you to join the organized NYE bar crawl from 5pm-2am on Wednesday, December 31, 2014
  • Register at Revolution Bar anytime from 5pm-10pm
  • Get your wristband, cup, and bar crawl map
  • Participate in bar crawl; note that admission to all venues is included in ticket purchase
  • Admission to a bar is based on capacity
Wednesday, December 31st 2014
5pm - 2am