Chocolate Truffles for your Valentine
The Perfect Truffle for Any Personality

You might not make a connection between Wisconsin and chocolate like you would between Wisconsin and cheese, but TerraSource will change that. Josie Pradella creates the most exquisite flavors of chocolate, with unique combinations of fruits, flowers and tea infusions. Golden raspberry, rose medley and brandied pear are just a few of the delectable options. Customers can put together their own custom gift boxes. These are perfect for those who enjoy exotic tastes and delicate flavors.




Nicobella's organic vegan dark chocolate truffles are understated and elegant, perfect for the eco-conscious chocolate lover. With flavors like pumpkin chai, ginger green tea and walnut flaxseed crunch, these are the healthiest indulgence you'll find. Nicobella truffles aren't too sweet, but have a heartier, creamy texture. Those who take their coffee pure will enjoy the rich tones and intense cocoa flavor.


Bizz and Weezy Confections are perfect for the artist you know. The colorful imprinted chocolates are beautiful but not pretentious. A buttery, surprisingly un-sticky caramel and pate-esque strawberry are the best of the bunch. The sampler will make a lovely first impression and taste equally delightful.


Vosges is Chicago's favorite local haut chocolat. The Sweet Coquette collection promises to be an aphrodisiac, with truffles like the Absinthe, with star anise, absinthe, and fennel, and the Red Fire with ancho chiles and Ceylon cinnamon. The exotic truffle collection, a classic favorite, includes Vosges' signature Naga truffle, with sweet Indian curry powder and coconut enveloped in milk chocolate.