How To Throw a Royal Wedding Party on a Pauper’s Budget
Our Guide for a Majestic & Affordable Bash

With Kate and William's wedding mere days away, the office of Joonbug, like most offices in America, are buzzing with last-minute details, tidbits and gossip of wedding madness about to begin just over the pond.

What will she wear? What will they arrive in? Who is going? However, all these questions pale in size to the real question: what are you serving? If you are celebrating the momentous day, why not gain some initiative, slip on that sexy white dress and plan a mini-wedding spectacular of your own? 

Here are three quick tips to dazzle your hungry crowd in royal style without breaking the bank.

1. Make a signature drink: Creating a signature drink will allow you to save on a bar tab by cutting down on the varieties of liquors you will have to purchase. We suggest naming it something fun like the “I Do” or the “Honeymoon Hangover." These cute names will tie into your wedding theme well.

2. DIY Royal Cupcakes. With cupcake love being at an all-time high, include these treats but don’t spend the high cost at a local bakery. Save money by making your own cupcakes and decorating them with bling that you simply can’t do without. Add regal mini-tiaras to finish your royal cupcake at online stores. .

3. Prepare goodie bags. Maintain some class by leaving your guests with some regal and affordable gifts.  Hit the dollar store before your party and pick up some picture frames.With a little time on the computer, you can edit Kate’s head and add your girlfriends'. These crazy keepsakes will keep your guests remembering your royal wedding party until the next wedding of the century.