Truffle Oil: A Ubiquitous Delicacy

  It seems that these days truffle oil is everywhere; and not just in fancy, upscale restaurants. Since the craze began in 2007, bars, pizzerias, and even the lunch restaurant at Saks 5th Avenue are drizzling it on their popcorn, pizza, and well, just about anything else. Chelsea's Bar Veloce features truffle oil on their 5 cheese panini and the East Village's B Bar incorporates it into their Mac 'n Cheese.

Just this weekend I attended a spa in the Pocono’s for the weekend. The menu was filled with healthy and organic options, one of which was the Whole Wheat Pita Pizza with Truffle Oil. I noticed the smell almost immediately which, as anyone who has ever tasted anything with truffle oil will tell you, is not difficult to recognize it's distinct aroma. The pizza was mediocre, but something about the combination of odors from the oil and the pungency of the Fontina cheese made me think it might be better if I could just pinch my nose and swallow. I  find that I enjoy truffle oil when it is the main event of a dish and paired with milder foods like Popcorn or mushrooms. Eating is a multi-sensory experience, so when it comes to truffle oil, I prefer not to send my nostrils into overdrive.