Mythical Macarons
Mac-a-who? Discovering the Elusive Macaron on National Macaron Day

Far from the greasy coconut mounds that are usually left at the bottom of holiday party platters, French macarons are making a comeback stateside. Macarons (also referred to as “macaroons” in America) are part meringue, part filling miniature burgers of the desert world. These weightless, often pastel colored mini treasures have an airy quality that make them perfect accompaniments for tea.  

The secret ingredient of these confections? Crushed almond paste (the name “macaron” is derivative of the Italian word “maccarone,” which means ground or crushed). Add egg whites and sugar to create the light “bun” of the delicacy, which is often dyed to match the flavor of the filling. The actual filling can range from a sweet fruit puree to a pillowy ganache with flavors like rose, pistachi, cassis, chocolate and even green tea.

The modern day version of these treats can be attributed to Ladurée, a small, 148-year-old chain of Parisian tea salons and pastry shops. It was here in the 1830s that macarons were served with a ganache filling, transforming the macaron into a flavor chameleon welcomed by pastry and dessert fiends across the world. Consider them a finger sized flavor canvas where your palate and imagination can go wild.

Where to get your Macaron fix in Miami:

L'Atelier Gourmet: 9563 S Dixie Hwy, Miami. (305)262-5332 

Paul Maison de Qualite: 450 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach. (305)531-1200

Buena Vista Deli: 4590 NE 2nd Ave, Miami. (305)576-3945