Cîroc It To Me
Recipe 101 for Cocktail Lovers

"It's Friday, Friday!

Gotta get down on Friday!" (Thank you, Miss Rebecca Black)

We all made it through the week. Congratulations to us. Now we must do ourselves a favor and buy ourselves a drink!

Whether you're relaxing or going out and partying (yeah!), try some Cîroc vodka. At a bar last week, the bartender was offering free shots of Cîroc vodka. Now, I'm not really a vodka kind of gal but we here at Joonbug, never miss out on a free shot. Vodka doesn't always go down well for some, but this vodka is an exception--it is smooth!

For the folks who are going out tonight, give it a whirl. You can either order it on the rocks because of its smoothness or with a mixed juice.

Or how about a homemade Cîroc mixed drink?

Cîroc Grapevine, created by Cîroc Vodka themselves:

Things you need:

- Ice

- Cîroc Vodka

- White Grape Juice

- White grape sugar or just regular white sugar

- Champagne Glass

- Cocktail shaker with strainer



1. Get some ice--fill your cocktail shaker with the ice.

2. Pour 1.5 ounces of the Cîroc Vodka and 1.5 ounces of white grape juice into the cocktail shaker.

3. Get a champagne glass and dip the rim of the glass into water.

4. Now that the rim is wet, dip the rim into some white grape sugar.Now you have a sugar-coated rim!

5. Shake the cocktail shaker to mix everything up.

6. Pour the mixed drink through the strainer and into the sugar-rimmed champagne glass!

7. Voila! Drink up!


Cool fact about Cîroc Vodka: while other traditional vodkas use their base as wheat, rye, or corn, Cîroc is

made from French grown grapes! Très cool.