San Francisco Street Food
Tasty bites that won't break the bank

Food trucks came rolling on to the culinary scene a few years ago.  Given these hard financial times, it’s no surprise that they continue to gain popularity.  The growing street food culture led to the development of Off the Grid in the Bay Area.   Off the Grid has a variety of different locations during the week where you can get access to all of your favorite food trucks in one location.  So stop obsessively following your favorites on Twitter and mingle with your fellow foodies during the week!

Curry Up Now, the delicious Indian street food truck, is a staple at most Off the Grid markets.  Be warned, you might have trouble deciding what to order with choices like a Deconstructed Samosa or Aloo Tikki as menu items.  But the not to miss menu item being offered here is the hefty Tikka Masala Burrito.  Try it with chicken or paneer and be prepared to sweat! This burrito is as filling as it is spicy. 

Another great truck with a plentiful menu is Eat Curbside.  Try your hand at the Ahi Sliders or the Arinchini (risotto balls with mozzarella fried).  If you are craving a twist of cultures, go ahead and order the Kimchi Dawg, an all beef hot dog loaded with kimchi and drizzled with a sesame aioli.  It’ll make you think twice about eating a hot dog with just ketchup and mustard again.

Some food trucks keep their concepts fairly simple, like Liba, who just serve falafels.  If you made falafels as tasty and crunchy as this there would be no need to offer anything else on your menu, with the exception of sweet potatoes as a side and few sweet desserts.  Liba will load you up with a flavorful falafel topped with chimichurri and tahini, but leaves the rest up to you.  They have a Falafel Bar attached to their truck that allows you to dress your falafel anyway you’d like.  Try topping with rosemary peanuts, pickled onions or yogurt raita. 

If you haven’t breached an Off the Grid location yet, you’re missing out.  So go ahead, get there early and rub elbows with the locals.  Be sure to come hungry and prepared to wait in line for some of the yummy options.