Pure Fare Philadelphia Launched!
The interactive nutrition, exercise, and shopping experience is live.

Pure Fare, the interactive eating, shopping, and fitness concept, has gone live this week. Located on 119 South 21st street, Pure Fare is a grocery store and restaurant that tracks the customer’s purchases and meals and then sends a detailed nutritional analysis of each item bought and consumed. Called My Fare, this online platform allows users to gain insight into their health and track individual diet and exercise goals. All food is of high quality and all packaging is environmentally friendly. Pure Fare boasts that they have found the elusive harmony between taste and nutrition, all while providing support and information through their online service.

The entire concept is based on the idea of personalization. They provide comprehensive and detailed nutritional profiles, and even design individual menus and give food recommendations that will move the user closer to his or her personal goal.

Be on the lookout of their food truck, which is sure to be roaming Philadelphia streets shortly.

Sign-up is free and takes only five minutes, so check out Pure Fare, here!