Ruby's NYC
Not for those with claustrophobia or a predilection for fine wines.

When we walked into Ruby’s on Mulberry Street, we were surprised that this dorm-room sized establishment could be considered a restaurant. An Asian Joseph Gordon Levitt greeted us with a dimply smile and led us to one of the five tables. We were disappointed to learn that not only were they out of the Sangria special, but that the Cravat special that was advertised was “not good”. We called it a day and ordered Pinot Grigio. It came in plastic cups, which at least gave us a good laugh. The adventurous eater in us ordered what appeared to be the house speciality, the Whaleys Burger. It consisted of premium ground beef, tomato, lettuce, beets, pineapple, a fried egg, and ketchup. It came with a side salad and instead of a traditional bun, the delicious creation was nestled between two pieces of Focaccia bread. The flavors were totally unique, even the burger meat tasted different from anything we’ve ever tried. We didn’t mind that there was no cheese, in fact it probably would have detracted  from the overall flavor. Each component came together harmoniously to create a great sandwich. It was all-in-all a delightful meal. Cash only!


212 925 5755
219 b Mulberry Street, Corner of Spring
New York , NY 10012