Make Your Own Bloody Mary
Spice up your breakfast routine and learn to make some Bloody deliciousness!

This weekend, The Redeye is starting a new DIY dining option, Make Your Own Bloody Mary, that will be offered at 11:30 am on Saturdays and 12:00pm on Sundays. You won't enjoy a boozy drink as much as if you put your own blood, sweat, and celery stick into it! Once you begin the dining option, you will receive a mini carafe of homemade tomato juice for two garnished with Old Bay Seasoning on the rim and a celery stick, two glasses of Ketel One Vodka, two jumbo shrimp, and everything in-between.

Ingredients you can also include: lemon zest, black Hawaiin sea salt, Muffletta, chili pepper relish, pickled watermelon, horseradish, tempura caper berries, celery slaw, clam juice, and beef consomme (all this for $30). Could you ask for anything more?? The answer is no, but surprisingly enough, you can get more! For an extra $8, you can get oysters to slurp down with your drinks, or King Crab for $15. You might not thank Irene for ruining this weekend's plans, but luckily you'll have more weekends to enjoy this great offering!