Meet Sra. Martinez in Miami
Chef Michelle Bernstein gets you acquainted with her tapas

Old-world Havana, churned with leather-cushioned speakeasy and a dash of contemporary chic. This is the recipe Chef Michelle Bernstein conjures for the decor of Sra. Martinez in Miami - her take on tapas. The restaurant is housed within the historic walls of a 1920’s post office, already tipping its hat off to the Design District in which it resides. Passing the umbrella-d patio seating and stepping into the dim bi-level, lofty space, you are ready to nestle into one of 

the dark leather high-backed booths and cup your rich glass of red. With a menu saturated with small plates, the cordially competent staff will guide your gut. Create your spread with tastes from each category: Charcuterie and Cheeses, Cold, Crispy, Local Vegetables, Land, Sea, and Mains. (And don’t be shy; the modestly-sized portions allow for more spoon sharing.) Or take the path of least resistance and let the chef do the choosing for your table at $70 per person.

However the tapas reach your table, do not miss the glorious Egg Yolk Carpaccio with sweet baby shrimp ($13), the fall-off-the-bone curry-spiced Lamb Ribs ($18) , and the hearty Oxtail ragout shreds piled onto a perfectly plump arepa ($16). And if you opt for the limited-time Miami Spice menu, revel in the runny yolk of the Poached Egg that combines beautifully with tasty tomato butter and firm farm vegetables. Or make a tough decision and go with the equally satisfying White Fish layered on lush Israeli cous cous pearls with a subtly sweet curry vinaigrette. And when your taste-buds are finally prepared for a palate cleanser, the refreshing Passion Fruit Sorbet does not disappoint with succulent strawberry jam and tapioca pearls. 


Chef Bernstein’s culinary breadth is showcased at Sra. Martinez. Feed your cuisine saavy - Senora says so.