Aloha Alcoholics! NYC's Best Tropical Bars: Part II
Begin your Fall with a tropical bang at the best tropical bars around

Start your Fall with a tropical bang and pretend that it's still Summer while you can. Hit up some of the city's best tropical bars to ease the seasonal transition. Here's a list of some of our favorites.

Riff Raff's

Check out The Hurricane Club's recent undeground attachment, Riff Raff's. Enjoy an upscale crowd in a tropical and festive environment. Expect to leave with a little more make-up than you came in with, as the waitresses are known to apply face paint to those who venture to the tiki and jungle-themed paradise. Shake off those extra calories that their delicious cocktails or punch bowls carry by joining in the conga line at 3 a.m. 

Otto's Shrunken Head

Step into this Hawaiin haven and order up their signature Pang's Punch, a glow-in-the-dark boozy delight that is sure to have you stumblin' by the end of the night. The walls are plastered with flowers and pin-up beauties and a bamboo-clad bar is the main attraction. This is your pick for a casual, college-reminiscing night out with the crew, as this joint is most similar to a bar found by a college campus. 

Tropical 128

Head down to this Polynesian haunt, complete with faux rock walls, tropical foliage, and a very unique aquarium. Snack on an array of meat and vegetable skewers before you start downing their $8 sake bombs or rice-wine cocktails. Mix it up and head to their pool hall, donning eight regulation tables.