Gordon Ramsey Gets Another Show
Fox Announces "Hotel Hell" as Mean Chef's 4th Show

In case you've been looking to lower your self esteem lately, head to the casting department at Fox and ask for a role on Gordon Ramsey's just announced show, "Hotel Hell." While much of this early news about the show is merely speculation, EW.com releases the surprising information that "Hell" will not be about cooking. Wait, what?! The site explains that "the reality kingpin will partner with a team of hospitality experts to try and fix every aspect of struggling hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts."

The clincher? Ramsey doesn't actually own any hotels. Nor does he manage any, nor has he ever. Apparently, Gordon has proved that his culinary prowess and previous TV hosting gigs are all the experience he needs to advise failing hoteliers on how to turn around their businesses. But the brains over at Fox have come up with a simple explanation for why his hotel-free resume doesn't matter, natch! "[Gordon] delivers every time," says Mike Darnell, president of alternative entertainment at Fox. And while we'd love to argue that this dictum can't possibly be true, we can't ignore the fact that the angry Brit already has three successful shows on the network including Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen.

Of the upcoming project, Ramsey says, "These are stories that everyone can relate to because virtually all of us have had a bad hotel experience that's turned a holiday or business trip into a total disaster. It's time to put the hospitality industry to the test." We're not really sure why you would want to test people after you've had a "bad hotel experience," or, for that matter, why said experience makes anyone a quality expert. But, who cares, right? He yells! He's British! He'll go for it!

Hotel Hell does not yet have an air date but we'll post all news as we hear it.