The 2012 South Beach Wine & Food Festival
Our favorite events!

It’s that time again! The 2012 South Beach Wine and Food Festival is right around the corner and it is filled to the brim with amazing events that should not be missed! Every event is worth going to, but I’ve selected a handful of my favorites that are a must for wine lovers, whether you’re an amateur or an aficionado:     



Date: Friday, February 23, 2012

Time: 3:00-4:15 pm

Price: $100

Place: Gansevoort Miami Beach, 2377 Collins Avenue


Riedel stemware is the height of sophistication and luxury in the wine glass world, and they are most famous for their varietal specific glasses. At this amazing event, hosted by 11th generation of the Riedel dynasty, guests are invited to taste for themselves whether the glass makes a difference or not. Tasting the same varietal out of a Riedel specific glass from their “Key to Wine” series versus a standard tasting glass, this event is interactive and informative. At the end of the evening, all guests will go home with the entire “Key to Wine” glass set, and a good idea of how to use it.


Last year I was fortunate enough to work as a volunteer at the Wine Spectator Wine Series tastings, so I can personally attest to how well thought out these events are. Broken down into three sessions, A-C, a plethora of subjects are covered and so much glorious wine is tasted. The tables are preset with a series of flights, and keynote speakers guide you through the tasting. All sessions are held at the Gansevoort Miami Beach Hotel.

Series A

Date: Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time: 10:00-12:40 pm

Price: $150

Series A focuses on several topics, most notably Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir style diversity, showcasing outstanding wines from the 2011 vintage! I personally love New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, so this is a must for me.

Series B

Date: Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time: 2:45- 5:25 pm

Price: $150

Series B is going to be truly spectacular. The first part of the lecture and tasting will focus on “The Extraordinary Wines of F.E. Trimbach, Experience the Allure of Alsace”.  The second part deals with white Burgundy, and what makes it different from your garden variety chardonnay, and discusses the role terroir plays in giving depth and character to wine. The final area of tasting and discussion focuses on iconic wines from Italy, ranging from Mt. Vesuvius to the fabled city of Verona.

Series C

Date: Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time: 1:00-3:40 pm

Price: $150

 Series C is going to be equally interesting. Also done in three parts, the first part highlights Riesling in, “Riesling Rocks! Discovering Riesling Styles, Terroir and Ageability”, with such fabulous producers as Chateau St. Michelle and Dr. Loosen. Next, there will be a vertical (meaning, the same wine from different vintages) tasting of Fontana Fredda Barolo. Finally, a vertical tasting of Beringer Private Reserve!



Best of the Best

Date: Friday, February 24, 2012

Time: 7:30-11:00 pm

Price: $350

Place: Fountainebleau Miami Beach, 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

 If you had to pick one event to go to, I’d suggest this one. Last year I worked as a volunteer for the culinary aspect of this event, so I can personally assure you that the level of precision and quality that goes into each dish is out of this world. Best of the Best is an event in which the best new chefs in the country are paired the best wines, rated 90+ points on Wine Spectators scale. There are so many amazing chefs from truly exclusive, high end restaurants, and so many incredible wines that I could not begin to list them all. Guests will get to meet all the wine makers, as they will be pouring their wines, side by side with the chefs serving the food. If this weren’t awesome enough, the event takes place at the sumptuously beautiful Fountainebleau Miami Beach property. Treat yourself to an experience….and please take me with you.

For more information, and for purchasing tickets, please visit www.sobefest.com