7 Sins Pizza Tempts All
Your one and only time to score Luzzo's 7 Sins Pizza ends this week!


For one week only, Luzzo's will be serving up their limited edition 7 Sins Pizza (just in time for V-Day)! Master pizzaiolo Michele Luliano is celebrating the restaurant group's 7th Anniversary with this very special pizza. The pizza is inspired by the seven deadly sins, with seven toppings, served on an unusual crust shape called battilocchio (which means to blink).

Luzzo's century old oven will be dishing out the $7 special pizza until February 15th. Ovest Pizzoteca and Da Mikele will also serve the special pizza to the first 49 diners per day during the week. The 7 Sins pizza will be topped with 7 ingredients all atop eachother and include the following: carmelized eggplant (gluttony), tomato (envy), mozzarella (sloth), Barolo wine reduction (pride), walnuts (greed), nutella & shaved dark chocolate (lust), and serrano pepper (wrath). According to the chef, “Toppings like chocolate and wine might not sound like they make sense on a pizza, but when you take a bite they hit every tastebud with a balanced decadence. Pair it with a glass of prosecco and that’s a sinful way to celebrate.” I don't know about you, but this is one pizza I definitely want to try! So you better hurry, 'cause time is running out!