The Truck Stops Here
FOODTOEAT.com celebrates their site launch with a free food giveaway

Seamless Web revolutionized NYC food ordering for all residents, especially those in their early to late 20's who still relied on Mom for their only home cooked meals.  The site made it as simple as possible to place an order, wait for delivery, pay, and finally, do as little work as possible to satisfy a craving.  The process was working, yet seemed a bit incomplete.  For us food truck/cart loving individuals, the only way to get our taste buds satisfied was to go out and wait for our favorite hot dish.  Line length, extreme weather conditions, time constraints, and lack of motivation all were obstacles one had to overcome to meet these needs.  Until now...  A new website FoodToEat.com, has seen the glaring hole and filled it with a tasty solution.

On February 22nd the website launched and with it, they're offering a free food giveaway. FoodToEat.com CEO and Founder, Deepti Sharma Kapur, has lined up many of her favorite restaurants and trucks to offer a complimentary option to anyone who orders food through the site during the launch. Eggstravaganza, Coolhaus, Indigo, American Burgers and Wraps, and Big D's Grub Tuck are just some of the spots and trucks generous enough to help out with the site launch.  Any customers who order from these partakers on the 22nd, will be given an extra treat along with their order.  Check the site for all free giveaways, which include items such as fries and cake.   Other restaurants will offer a wide range of discounts. 

As an added bonus, all customers who order from any of their 43 food carts and trucks or 350 restaurants on February 22nd will be entered to win a free lunch party for their office. 

FoodToEat.com has made food truck eating, a growing staple of our city, easier than ever.  Next time the bars let out and you see a line of 40 locals at your favorite late night truck stop, log on, place your order, and mock everyone in line as you walk to the front to pick up your order.   Foodtoeat.com is practically giving you a free pass to...