You Say It's Your Leap Year Birthday!
One-time deals for the once-in-a-while birthday celebrators.

Happy Birthday, Leap Year babies!

We know it must be rough having a birthday only once every four years. Fortunately, some NYC restaurants have decided to join in on your respective celebrations by offering a few, February 29-only specials. Check out the list below and make sure to bring valid ID and all of your friends who've made you attend pesky once-a-year birthday parties. 

Sprinkles Cupcakes is offering one dozen free baked goodies to anyone born on February 29. Head over to the UES storefront with a valid ID and then get your sugar high on. 

South Gate at Jumeriah Essex House is welcoming birthday revelers with a signature tasting menu and a "pay-your-birthyear" offer (i.e. if you were born in 1980 you'd pay $19.80).

For slightly boozier celebration, Village Pourhouse is holding the "largest birthday party for adults" and offering up complimentary champagne, cupcakes and a birthday cake shot to leap babies.