Paula Deen and Oprah Go Fishin' In Pajamas

There aren't too many TV clips that make us uncomfortable (except for Doomsday Preppers- what if they're right?!), but this video of Paula Deen and Oprah having a sleepover takes the cake they both pretended not to eat for ickiest concept. 

Here's the story: Oprah and BFF Gail head down South to spend the night at Deen's house. The three cook some food, talk about fears and family and have a good cry- bringing all the typical traits of a Winfrey production. But, wait, what happens next? Paula wakes up Oprah (who is still in pink PJs) for a good-ole-fashioned fishin' trip. Seriously.

The episode, which aired last night on The OWN Network, makes no mention of Deen's diabetes (or of her most recent sexual harassment suit, for that matter), but does try and paint the tubby toque in a more positive light.