Mario Batali Settles Worker Tipping Lawsuit for $5.25 Million

Mario Batali and business parter, Joe Bastianich, have been embroiled in a wage-related lawsuit with their restaurant workers since July 2010. Yesterday, Law 360 repoted that the chef and restaurateur will settle the suit for $5.25 million. 

According to Law, the 117 plaintiffs involved in the class action suit claimed that there had been a pattern of "illegal tip-skimming," where the restaurant servers were regularly shorted their wages over the course of many months. A case-related article on The Huffington Post states that, "Batali's restaurants, among other misdeeds, took four or fiver percent of tips given to servers for alcohol and wine sales to pay sommeliers' salaries."  

Representatives for Batali and Bastianich have declined to comment on the case.

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