Cafe China Goes Greener
New fresh menu items and refreshing cocktails!

Good news for all you Chinese food snobs: Cafe China is revamping their menu this spring and we know what's coming! Inspired by the markets back in Shanghai, Cafe China sought out produce at the Union Square Green Market. The restaurant has decided to include organic veggies on their specials menu and for the month of March, there will be in-season Chinese broccoli, bok choi, and spinach.

But this new menu isn't all about your greens. Flounder (caught off Long Island) will now be offered for any dish with fish filets. The popular dish, tea smoked duck, which is lightly browned with a smoky flavor (delicious paired with red wine), is now going to be organic free-range, making the dish even better.

But that's not all! The restaurant is now getting rid of all the MSG in their dishes, creating delicious food without any artificial flavoring. Can we get an amen?!

Furthermore, all their cocktails are made with the freshest ingredients and are served in vintage cocktail glasses. Try one out today and then binge on their new, fresh dishes!