Just Call Room Service
Thai food in the Hell's Kitchen melting pot

What makes a Thai restaurant stand out? They’re scattered all over the city so no doubt everyone has their favorite and yet, if you haven’t been to Room Service then you need to experience what makes this place a real stand out.

Let’s start with the Room Service Pad Thai. The glass vermicelli with generous servings of mixed seafood and shrimp, are tossed with brown tofu, mango, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, wrapped up in an egg white crepe. The delicate parcel is presented with an oriental flower that brings to mind the welcome surprise of a quality chocolate covered mint on the pillow of your hotel room.

Room Service, in the melting pot of culinary mega-choices that is Hell’s Kitchen, is chic and classy. It can get a little loud when you’re seated in the row of tables but there are banquettes around the place if you need to be somewhere more intimate. The crowd who frequents here are fairly young as the quality of food and its price is extremely attractive, just like the service staff.

The other stand-out feature here is the glass chandelier in the middle of the restaurant that is hanging low and encased in glass. The light flickers and reflects from the mirrors, illuminating the dark finishings. The grey walls and white fixtures give off a sense of a European '20s avant-garde hotel, but the white Buddahs standing in various corners above the tables and the tight squeeze of New York diners waiting in the entrance dispel the idea that you are in any particular place.

Back to the food. The menu is very extensive with all sorts of authentic curries and sautéed meats and vegetables in Thai spices. They even have special Bangkok dishes that have been infused with non-Thai ingredients, like the Thai Scampi with Indian curry powder sauce. Even their cocktails have seen a cross-culture of sorts, like the lychee sangria.