Delicatessen Closed For Monday, Only

The SoHo joint “Delicatessen” has decided that it’s time to revamp. So, for one full night, owner Mark Amadei is going to pull a renovation off to accompany his introduction of a new chef team, menu, and beverage program.

The owner confirmed with eater that he was planning on "closing the kitchen Sunday night at 9pm and re-opening on Tuesday 10:30 am...We're re-doing the line to handle the demand we hope to create from a new menu and the soon to launch delivery...so we figured we'd get it out of the way on a cold Monday in February."

Seems pretty smart. Although they’re getting rid of the popular Reuben fritters, there’s change afoot, like the addition of grilled Mahi tacos, carbonara croquettas, “sticky” ribs, mussels, and “Grandma’s meatloaf.”

Will this meet the expectations of the “destination diners” that Amadei wants to draw to his downtown spot? We’ll have to wait til Tuesday.