Brides Drop Pre-Wedding Weight By Eating Through a Feeding Tube
NYT reports on a dangerous procedure that can help ladies lose 20 pounds in 10 days.

Here's a disturbing story for a Monday:

The usually chirpy Vows section of the New York Times ran an alarming story yesterday about the lengths some weight-obsessed brides are taking to slim down before their big days. According to the paper, a Florida-based doctor is now offering the "K-E diet," a procedure that hooks up patients to nostril-inserted feeding tubes. The wearers will then subsist on an 800 calorie-per-day diet for 10 days with all nutrition coming from the nose piece. What's more? The tube stays in for 10 full days. But who needs to be bothered with food when you've got table assignments on the brain?

This probably goes without saying, but it seems pretty clear who the biggest losers are in this situation.