Hero Food: A New Cookbook by Seamus Mullen
Tertulia chef Seamus Mullen releases his first cookbook


Yesterday, award winning chef Seamus Mullen of Tertulia released his first cookbook, Hero Food: How Cooking with Delicious Things Can Make Us Feel Better. The book demonstrates how to turn key ingredients into delicious dishes.

Seamus was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago and has since discovered that basing his cooking on 18 key ingredient has vastly improved his quality of life. In his cookbook, he demonstrates how to prepare over 80 recipes featuring his 18 hero ingredients. What are these mysterious ingredients? Olive oil, dried beans, almonds, grains, anchovies, good eggs, good birds, sweet peas, parsley, berries, carrots, corn, stone fruit, good fish, squash, mushrooms, greens, and good meat.

His restaurant Tertulia is known for seasonal Spanish cooking with an emphasis on the finest ingredients. In his new book, he hopes to extend his philosophy that eating well can improve one's overall health and wellness. The book devotes a chapter to each of the 18 'hero' ingredients - giving the readers insight into their nutritional value and restorative properties. Some of the recipes you can find in the cookbook include autumn squash salad, slow-roasted lamb shoulder, and salt cod with garbanzo beans. Readers will also gain tips on mastering practical techniques such as steaming greens, pickling, or preserving tuna.

For those of you who want to know more about the man behind the book, Seamus Mullen has been a top chef in NYC for many years. In 2006, he opened Boqueria, in 2009 he was a finalist on The Next Iron Chef and in 2010 he opened Tertulia. Seamus is also a featured judge on Chopped.

His cookbook is selling for $35 and can be purchased here. Happy cooking!