Meat Lovers Rejoice: E & E Grill House Launches New 'Whole Cow' Menu
Where's da beef?


E & E Grill House is bringing New Yorkers a new kind of way to eat red meat. On May 9th, they will be launching their 'whole cow'  head-to-tail dinner, which allows diners to choose their steaks by the cut. Executive chef Eric Simeon includes both traditional cuts and more eccentric cuts on his menu, like smoked tongue and beef cheek. Using this new style of service, the restaurant is able to provide an education to their guests and give them the tools they need to select the cut of meat the suits their tastes best. Their new menu will have illustrations showing which part of the cow each cut comes from and gives you a wide array of sauces and toppings to choose from to go with it. And let's be honest, this is some of the best meat we've ever tasted. Don't think this steak joint is all about the beef though, everything else on the menu is just as delicious - from their Peekytoe crab fritters right down to their Bloody Mary kettle cooked chips. So come May 9th you know where you're headed!