Happy National Ceviche Day!
Here's where to celebrate.


Just in time for summer entertaining and for the third year in a row, June 28th is honored as National Ceviche Day! Ceviche has existed for over 500 years, bringing a sense of freshness and purity to the palate. Ceviche is a popular seafood dish in the coastal regions of the Americas, particularly in Central and South America. The dish is typically made from fresh fish marinated in citrus juices and spiced with chili peppers. Experience some of NYC's best chefs' creative interpretations of Ceviche at the below venues:

Chef/Owner Cosme Aguilar/Luis Aguilar

Casa Enrique 5-48 49th Avenue, Long Island City

Ceviche De Pescado- Market fish cooked in lime, onion, avocado, tomato
Chef/Owner Richard Sandoval Restaurants- www.richardsandoval.com


Mahi-Mahi-Fermented pepper / citrus / napa cabbage /cucumber /cilantro / red onion / nori           

Shrimp- Poached shrimp / red onion / pomegranate / chives /avocado/dashi - leche de tigre


Hiramasa - Scallions / fresno pepper / cilantro / avocado/popcorn / citrus

Seared Scallop- Sesame / ume / serrano / red radish/kaiware sprout / tequila 

Pampano - 209 East 49th Street

Ceviche Tasting- Choose 3 or 4

Camaron- Shrimp / lime / avocado / chile habanero

Atun- Big eye tuna / pear tomatoes / cilantro / serrano / ginger and cucumber broth

Halibut- Halibut / cilantro / mint / mango

Mahi -Mahi- Citrus-tomato / chile serrano

Pulpo a la Parilla- Grilled octopus / cactus / tomato / queso fresco / black olive caramel / lemon vinaigrette

Chicharron de Camaron- Crispy rock shrimp / coconut-guajillo / avocado vinaigrette

Chef Fernando Navas/ Koji Kagawa

Sushisamba - www.sushisamba.com
Yellowtail Sashimi- Yellowtail, ginger, garlic, soy
Bay Scallop Sashimi- Bay scallop, sweet potato, corn, rocoto
Tuna Sashimi - Tuna, grapefruit juice, red jalapeno, almond
Shrimp sashimi - Shrimp, passion fruit, cucumber, cilantro