Dishes to Die For at South Street Seaport's 45th Anniversary Gala
Canard Inc. impresses all at 45th Anniversary Gala for South Street Seaport Museum!

Last week was the 45th Anniversary of the South Street Seaport Museum, which was catered by none other than Canard, Inc. This renowned company is one of the leading caterers and event planners in NYC, and rightly so. Something that sets Canard apart from the competition is that they create dishes themed with whatever event they are serving and use seasonally inspired flavors. For example, at the event last week, they stuck to a sea theme in keeping with the museum's attributes. They served crab cakes with lump crabmeat, herbs, and a spicy orange remoulade, large gulf shrimp flash cooked and marinated in a mustard dill marinade, and an unusual modern shrimp cocktail with skewered ribbons of fresh shrimp with crispy cocktail sauce in the middle.

Not only are their dishes themed for the occasion, but they are also very innovative, as you can see from their modern shrimp cocktail. Other innovative dishes served at the Anniversary Gala include the Philly Cheese Steak with deconstructed sliced filet of beef atop warm cheddar-stuffed air bread with scallion garnish and the organized caesar salad with sushi-styled caesar salad wrapped with jicama and topped with parmesan foam. These modern twists on classic dishes are perfect for parties because attendees need only pop a small treat into their mouths without the muss and fuss of an actual Caesar salad or a huge, messy Philly cheese steak. Best of all, though, is how delicious these dishes are.  Each hors d'ouevre burst with delicious flavor and there wasn't one dish not to be liked. Check out their website for more information and book your party with Canard Inc.