Get Patriotic with Tasty Fourth of July Cocktails
Wet your whistle with a lot of red, white, and blue libations!

New York City is bustling with great watering holes so it's really not necessary to skip town for the holiday. If you're hanging around this week, check out this list of great 4th of July cocktails served up at great local bars. Sad to be missing out? Don't worry, we also have some DIY recipes for some patriotic 'tails.                  


Williamsburg’s MyMoon, serves a Red, White and Blue Sangria ($8 glass, $30 carafe) made with Maprecco Vinho Verde (white wine) and topped with strawberries and blueberries. The drink is also extremely aromatic thanks to the addition of Capel Pisco, a floral brandy made with Muscat grapes. Enjoy it on MyMoon’s sprawling outdoor patio.






Artisan cocktail bar Jbird Cockails, crafts a drink that tastes like the most American of desserts, the apple pie! The Hudson Breeze Fizz ($12) is blended with London Dry Gin, apple brandy, pomegranate syrup, lemon and baked apple foam. It’s served tall and topped with bubbles.





Lemonade and watermelon are quintessential July Fourth refreshments, so Upper West Side favorite Vai, is offering terrific Watermelon Lemonade ($8). This non-alcoholic cocktail is made with fresh watermelon puree, lemon juice and simple syrup. Guests in the mood for something stiffer can order the Watermelon Cosmopolitan ($12), which adds Smirnoff Citrus Vodka and Grey Goose Vodka to the mix of fresh watermelon puree and lemon juice.




Legendary Italian restaurant Carmine’s, offers a boozy strawberry lemonade: Louie’s Spiked Lemonade ($12). This cooling concoction is blended with Absolut Citron – a mellow vodka with a twist of lemon and lime -- muddled strawberries and fresh-brewed lemonade.






Neely’s Barbecue Parlor, takes inspiration from another popular July Fourth drink – the Arnold Palmer – to make a crowd-pleasing cocktail. The Spiked VIP ($8.50) combines Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and homemade raspberry lemonade.




At MexiBBQ, the fresh brewed Sweet Tea ( $10) is infused with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey -- a sweet and spicy blend of whiskey and liqueur -- and organic agave nectar, a natural sweetener found in Mexico.






Bookmarks Rooftop Lounge will be offering up The Firecracker Cocktail ($14), made with Plymouth gin and canton ginger liquer - topped with fresh lime juice, agave nectar, watermelon chunks, and sparkling wine, for a perfectly refreshing libation.





Make you own cocktails!

Cali Grapefruit
2 oz Caliche Rum
½ oz Campari
1 oz Grapefruit Juice
¼  oz Agave Nectar
Top with Soda Water Garnish: Grapefruit wedge
Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice and shake until chilled. Strain into a highball glass and top with soda water.





Blackberry Berryoska
1.5 oz Russian Standard Vodka
5 Blackberries
3 oz Lemonade
Muddle 4 blackberries in bottom of a tumbler.  Add ice, Russian Standard Vodka and lemonade.  Garnish with remaining blackberry.





Strawberry Berryoska
1.5 oz Russian Standard Vodka
5 Strawberries
3 oz Lemonade
Muddle 4 strawberries in bottom of a tumbler.  Add ice, Russian Standard Vodka and lemonade.  Garnish with remaining strawberry.