Wine Wipes Take the Red Out of Wine
And we put them to the test at the Summer Clam Bake!

Ever sipped on some red wine and looked in the mirror an hour later, horrified at your creepy stained mouth? Kimberly Walker knows the feeling and that's why she created Wine Wipes, the perfect solution to wine-stained teeth.

Borracha Wine Wipes were created four years ago and now they have a sleek new look. Carefully concealed in a black 12 wipe compact, complete with mirror, this handy product is small enough to carry around in a pocket or purse. Kimberly worked with dentists and sommeliers to come up with the perfect combination of stain removing, teeth protecting, and flavors that don't compete with your wine.

The wipes include 5 primary ingredients:

  • Baking soda; which removes stains and protects your tooth enamel.
  • Salt; a natural cleanser and antispetic
  • Hydrogen peroxide; which kills germs and has a mild bleaching agent
  • Calcium; to strengthen teeth, glycerin, to protect against further wine stain
  • Orange blossom; a flavor naturally found in red wine, that acts as a palate cleanser and antiseptic.

You can find Wine Wipes at local alcohol retailers and they sell for $6.95 or $18 for 3. The new design launches in October.

Joonbug had the chance to check out Wine Wipes in action at Summer Clam Bake, which was held at the new bar and restaurant Extra Fancy, located in Williamsburg. Deep Sea Wines were paired with select dishes from the menu, and we were able to put the wipes to the test after downing glass after glass of wine. Mark Rancourt and Robert Kruger, owners of Extra Fancy, put together a delicious tasting menu including one of their specialty cocktails, shrimp salad, kielbasa, fried clams, and more. Gillian Conway of Deep Sea Wines (Santa Barbara, CA) was also in attendance, educating guests on her family's wine, which is sold in select locations in NYC and California and online.