Sweetleaf Williamsburg: A Delightful Addition
A fine place for simple or special coffee on Kent and North 6th.


Sweetleaf Williamsburg opened back in May after the success of its sister location in Long Island City --a bean lover's staple since 2008.

The new Sweetleaf is located on the corner of Kent Avenue and North 6th Street, a fine location for people to stroll down, window shop, pick up a coffee and then head down to the water. If they want a coffee to stay, the interior of Sweetleaf is quite spacious and relaxing. They have decorated this café with antiques, such as aged scales and fans, along with old doors used to support many of the wooden structures, like the counters and tables. Customers can relax in one of the lounge chairs, small tables or stools set up on counters. If they have not carried their own reading material, Sweetleaf provides a basket full of magazines and newspapers they can access.

This café gets most of its beans from West-Coast sources, including Ritual from San Francisco, and Stumptown from Portland. For customers who arrive hungry, Sweetleaf bakes an assortment of pastries in-house, many of which are vegan and gluten-free. They also serve teas like Mystic Mint and Chamomile Blossom.

Sweetleaf sells the standard espresso options, like lattes and macchiatos, as well as drip coffee. Their most popular item is the Rocket Fuel, the New Orleans-style iced coffee. For a hot beverage, Rich Nieto, one of the owners, recommends drinking straight espresso. As for a cold beverage, Rich suggests trying the Voodoo Child, which is their Vietamese-style iced coffee. The beans are cold-brewed, where they sit in cold water for 16 hours. After, this coffee is mixed with condensed milk, and a home-made sweet cream. In the end, this drink will taste like ice cream, but still provide the drinker with a strong caffeine-effect.

Sweetleaf is a pleasant addition to the Williamsburg neighborhood, offering an airy indoor atmosphere and great options for take-out. While it mixes beans from the West Coast and styles of coffee from elsewhere, this cafe fits right into its local surroundings.