Chill Out: NYC's Tastiest Cold Soup
4 Great Spots to Eat and Beat the Heat

If you’ve burned your mouth with soup enough times you’ll start to blow on your yogurt.  It may be the only comfort food that soothes its own inflicted pain, giving a more literal meaning to the term bittersweet.  Perhaps we should just avoid all the games and go for something just plain sweet—in temperament, not always taste.  Cold soups are just as comforting as the hot ones, often times more so in the summertime.  Here are a few places in New York City serving up tasty cold soups that with all the flavor and none of the unnecessary heat.

Eleven Madison Park                                                                                                                     

11 Madison Avenue

Why would you get a traditional hot soup here, the place doesn’t even have a traditional menu.  Unique in practice, Eleven Madison Park offers a list of seasonal ingredients.  Select what ingredients appeal to you and let the kitchen take care of the rest.  As Gazpacho is the most recognizable of cold soups, Chef Daniel Humm created a Strawberry Gazpacho that has been earning gradual acclaim.  Only available when strawberries are in season, now is the perfect time to try this sweet treat. 



486 6th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Bacon goes with everything—apparently.  Some people, however, just can’t seem to get in sync with the bacon and ice cream dessert options floating around.  A trip to Soigne in Brooklyn could afford you a cold soup with a more appropriately placed serving of bacon.  The Chilled Potato Soup with Leeks and Bacon is both comforting and refreshing.  Served as a starter option, it leaves room to add more bacon to anything else you may order after—if you must.



65 4th Avenue

Ramen is Japanese soul food.  The list of flavors and ingredients that can be added to any bowl of ramen is endless.  Ippudo offers plenty of options with hot and cold variations rooted in Japanese heritage.  Menu items come with pork, duck, chicken, fish, asparagus, mushrooms and even tofu.  Ippudo does well in holding flavor in their cold soup options and provides and excellent sake selection. 




The Alex Hotel, 205 East 45th Street

Riingo’s Chilled Watermelon and Cucumber Soup is like a cool and vivacious summer in your mouth!  Watermelon and cucumber are always cool because they are heavy in water, and then add chile, garlic and pepper and this soup takes a slight yet unexpected turn.