Happy National Watermelon Day!
Celebrate with these tasty dishes and cocktails around NYC.

Today we pay homage to the melon of all melons...watermelon! Restaurants and bars around the city are whipping up dishes and libations made specially from your favorite fruit.



Two very special dishes will be added to Anthony Ricco's menu at Spice Market in celebration of this special day. Try out their Thai-inspired Watermelon Gazpacho ($8.50) with watermelon, Thai chilies, tomatoes, cucumber, and red wine vinegar. They are also serving delectable Chocolate Covered Watermelon Slices ($8) dusted with crushed, spiced almonds.






Asia de Cuba at Mondrian LA recently added a delicious Watermelon Punch to their menu. Mix up the perfect punch in celebration of this feisty fruit day!
Watermelon Punch (3-4ppl)
8 3/4 Ounces Santa Teresa Claro-Rum
1 3/4 Ounces Stirrings Ginger liqueur
1 3/4 Ounces pom syrup
1 3/4 Ounces Lemon juice
8 3/4 Ounces Watermelon Juice



Highpoint Bistro & Bar is breaking out all the stops for Watermelon Day. They will be serving Watermelon 'Steak' au Poivre, with grilled watermelon, shaved jicama, asparagus, and tomato ($20), along with their Waterboo Cocktail ($12), made of vodka, blueberry, and fresh watermelon.

Richard Sandoval's Zengo will be serving Tuna Tataki Salad ($15) with avocado, watermelon, kaiware sprout, mixed greens, wasabi pea, and a lemon-wasabi dressing. There's nothing better than a refreshing dessert to follow up your meal so try their jaw-dropping Thai Basil & Watermelon Tequila Snow Cone ($12)...it's like a cocktail and dessert all in one!

508 Gastrobrewery wants to get you tipsy with their Water Bomb ($13), which is made with watermelon juice, Hendrick's gin, and ginger. Barrio 47 will be dishing out their Barrio Salad ($8), comprised of escarole, watermelon, goat cheese, croutons, and topped with balsamic vinaigrette.

So whether you're looking for something healthy, hearty, liquor-y, or sweet, we have got you covered!