Vegan Divas: Delicious Treats for Everyone
The health-conscious bakery opens up flagship store on UES!

Yesterday, new baked goods shop, Vegan Divas, opened up on the UES with a slew of health-friendly treats. Founder Fernanda Capobianco (wife of famed Francois Payard) is excited about opening her flagship store after her brand took off in the US. Celebrities such as Madonna and Alicia Silverstone have already caught on to the phenomenon that is Vegan Divas. The vegan sweets replace animal products with healthier ingredients such as maple syrup and cold pressed coconut oil, making the goodies less caloric, kosher, and both cholesterol and lactose free.

The bakery and cafe is serving up delicious snacks such as cookies, cakes, macaroons, gluten-free chocolate mousse, and frozen yogurt, along with signature items such as brownies, detox trail mix, and their award-winning doughnuts (seriously, these are heavenly). They will also offer some savory items likes quiche and sandwiches, along with organic fruit juices (we recommend the carrot, orange, and ginger juice) and Brazilian coffees and teas.

Even if you aren't vegan, these sweet bites are as good as the unhealthiest of desserts, and with only a fraction of the calories. Their mini doughnuts clock in at only 20 calories and they come in flavors like chocolate, cinnamon sugar, spicy, and toasted coconut, so you never have to feel guilty about popping one in your mouth.

Stop by the store or order up some of their goodies online!