Happy National Rice Pudding Day!
Celebrate National Rice Pudding Day with the best dishes in the city

In honor of National Rice Pudding Day, you should without a doubt check out some of the best rice pudding dishes around the city. Rice pudding has been around for thousands of years, so why not have a whole day to celebrate it!? Originally, rice pudding was used by ancient Middle Easterners medicinally, but now we know the best way to use rice pudding is to eat it. Enjoy!




Costanera Cocina Peruana, located in Montclair, NJ, serves patrons a delicious Peruvian rice pudding. The Combinado Clasico ($5) is a parfait of vanilla and Arborio rice pudding with golden raisins, Peruvian purple corn pudding, pineapples, apricots, and papaya. 

Newly launched New York Pudding Co.'s rice puddings are based on a gluten-free family recipe, made with all natural ingredients. Flavors include Creamy Coconut and Tahitian Vanilla Bean. Their smooth puddings come in flavors like French Toast, Salty Caramel, Cocoa Java and more

Indian restaurant Benares, located in the Theatre District, offers up Narangi Kheer ($5), an orange flavored rice pudding that is a traditional dish in India.

Pastry Chef Zac Young from David Burke Kitchen is featuring rice pudding brulee with coconut sorbet with fruits of the urban jungle today for $12 in honor of this special day. And if his other desserts are any indication, this is sure to be a winner.

Aldea, located in Union Square, recently introduced cinnamon rice pudding with poached stone fruit, along with roasted peach sorbet for $10 to their menu.