Sushisamba Introduces Desserts Galore
Pastry Chef Michelle Duran gets sweetly innovative!


Sushisamba, the well-known ethnic restaurant that has spots on Park Ave. and 7th Ave., is no stranger to keeping things fresh. They are constantly introducing new characters to their menu; such as their innovative quinoa rolls and their summer brunch menu.

Sushisamba is stepping up their game once again with new additions, this time, to their dessert menu! Pastry Chef Michelle Duran wanted "to bring innovative and interesting ingredients to the menu, which will keep our guests guessing and coming back for more."

Stand outs from the new menu include the Queso Fresco Doughnuts served with fig marmalada and almond brittle ice cream, their Warm Chocolate Banana Cake with maple butter, plantain chip, and vanilla rum ice cream, and their refreshing Chamomile-Melon Soup with fresh fruit and lychee sorbet. Spy the full mouth-watering menu below.

Queso Fresco Doughnuts ($10) - marmalada, almond brittle ice

Café com Leite Parfait ($10) - milk chocolate, Japanese whiskey mousse, coffee ice cream, milk foam

Summer Keki ($10) - agave cake, local strawberry and rhubarb, sweet tofu crema

Chamomile-Melon Soup ($10) - fresh fruit, lychee sorbet

Warm Chocolate Banana Cake ($10) - maple butter, plantain chip, vanilla rum ice cream  

Santarém Chocolate Fondue ($7pp) - two guest minimum - coconut marshmallow, alfajores, brigadeiro, fresh fruit, green tea ice cream

Mochi ($10) - soft Japanese rice cake filled with ice cream

Samba Split for Two ($12) - banana brulee, dolce de leite, coconut mochi, yamakazi cream

Housemade Ice Cream and Sorvete ($8) - daily assortment