Ramen Heaven: The Obon Japanese Festival
Journey to NJ to partake in the day's festivities!

Gather round Manhattanites, it's time to venture out. Mitsuwa Marketplace in Edgewater, NJ is hosting a fun summer event not to be missed (and not hard to get to) August 18th.

Celebrate Obon, a traditional Japanese summer festival similar to Thanksgiving, where families gather to give thanks and honor family traditions. Outside of Mitsuwa Marketplace (the largest Japanese supermarket in the US), over fifteen vendors will be gathered doling out classic Japanese fare. Grab spoonfuls (er, chopstickfuls) of Ramen, Yakitori skewered chicken, yakisoba pan fried noodles, grilled lobster, and many more delicacies, all for a steal at $5 and below. There will also be Japanese festival games, as well as plenty of unique items from Japan inside the supermarket.

During the afternoons, festival-goers can enjoy the Bon dance performed by professional dancers from the Japanese Folk Dance Institute of New York, as well as Japanese Taiko drumming from the New York Suwa Taiko Association. Other fun activities include yo-yoing, a karaoke contest, more!

Don't fret about swimming across the Hudson to get there, Mitsuwa Shuttles will be running all day long from Port Authority to the Market every 20 minutes.