The First Annual Pickle Palooza
The best briners in NYC bring their pickled perfection to Greenwich Village

Standard food cravings among pregnant women  typically include pickles and ice cream. Schoolchildren learn about Colonial America by making pickles (or at least that’s what I walked away with from that lesson). Bodybuilders even drink pickle juice straight from the jar to prevent muscle cramps. Even Snooki sees pickles and their juice as some sort of holy elixir. If you also find yourself enthralled with everything pickles— from breaded and fried to chasing your shots of whiskey with salty green goodness, the First Annual Pickle Palooza is the place for you!

Held at the Greenwich Village Country Club (110 University Place) this upcoming Sunday, September 30th, pickle lovers will sample a variety of pickles and other pickle inspired foods. Horman’s Best Pickles and Brooklyn Brine are among the exhibitors showing off their brining skills to make traditional sour, kosher, and dill-flavored pickles, among many others. Want to think outside the deli? Try the Japanese teriyaki pickle balls and  knock back a pickle back shot! Pickle Palooza, sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, also includes live music and a pickle eating contest for die hard pickled pickle eaters.

Tickets for two Pickle Palooza sessions are available from iAdventure.com.

For $30, a General Admission ticket includes admission and 3 pickle taste tickets. For $35, a Pickle Fix ticket includes admission, 3 pickle taste tickets, and a complimentary beer. The 5 Pickle ticket, for $53, includes admission, 5 pickle taste tickets and a complimentary beer.