Hot New East Village Sipping Spots
Pouring Ribbons and Evelyn Drinkery are welcomed to the EV with open arms

The East Village is home to some of the best boozy bars in the city, so it's no surprise that two new spots have opened up, dishing out creative cocktails. 














Evelyn Drinkery is not only a cocktail mecca, but it's also budget friendly, which we all know is hard to find in the city that never sleeps. The cocktail bar resembles an old-style saloon, split distinctly into two parts -- the front room, which has masculine features such as wooden benches and exposed brick, while the back room has a more feminine appeal with banquettes and cocktail waitresses. The Drinkery is brought to you by Drummer Hoff Hospitality, which was founded by Jared Shepard, Justin August Fairweather, and Christian Sanders, who have had extensive experience in the cocktail industry. The cocktail program at the bar is broken down into four categories: juleps, collins, cocktails, and spirited phosphates. If you're wondering what that last one is exactly, it's booze-infused housemade sodas (carbonated cocktails are hot right now). Not only are their phosphate drinks to die for and their liquor concoctions unique and tasty, but they surprise you with a non-traditional pricing for the city, clocking in between $7 and $11. With bargains, booze, and an 'all are welcome' attitude, this is sure to be the new 'it' desitination this Fall. 













Not too far away, Pouring Ribbons offers an alternative, more exclusive spot to enjoy a boozy bevy. Brought to you by Alchemy Connsulting, including Joaquin Simo of Death & Co infamy, this new bar sure knows how to mix up a cocktail. Snag your drink of choice by means unlike any other spot in the city, with a rating scale from 'refreshing' to 'spirituous' and 'comforting' to 'adventurous.' This handy mechanism allows customers to search for the cocktail of their dreams and push their boozy boundaries just a little bit further than usual. Adventurous patrons looking for something light and refreshing can try the popular libation Dueling Banjos, made of Weller Special Reserve Bourbon, lemon, Eagle Rare Bourbon, Pierre Ferrand Dry, Curacao, corn milk, and mint. Cocktails run at $14 a pop, but for the inventive potables served here, they are well worth the price. Even the ice here is special - uniquely shaped to complement each glass. Nibbles can also be found at the bar curated from Beecher's Cheese and Troubador Chocolates, including items like cured meats and s'mores. 

Cheers East Village. Keep the cocktail bars a comin'!