Maple Bacon Chocolate & Sweet and Salty Chocopods
Chuao Chocolatier's latest flavors

For that perfect intersection of salty and sweet, turn to Chuao Chocolatier's new maple bacon chocolate bar. This bar contains crisp bacon and premium maple syrup, finished with a dash of sea salt. I was surprised by how much bacon could be loaded into the bar, but it's diced so fine and evenly spread throughout so it blends smoothly into the rich milk chocolate to balance each bite. This bar isn't as thick as some other chocolate bars, and the beautiful design on front isn't broken neatly into squares, so you might have a little trouble with portion control!

For those who don't think breakfast meats belong in chocolate, give the sweet and salty chocopod a try. The same milk chocolate is sprinkled only with a hint of sea salt to offset the pod's creamy sweetness. One pod is only 60 calories, which is enough for a pick-me-up even for those on strict diets.