On Fire: Roger Mooking
The Cooking Channel & Food Network star dishes on his new show

 Surely most foodie fiends know about Roger Mooking, the Trinidadian-Canadian chef who hosts Everyday Exotic on the Cooking Channel, stars on the Food Network's Heat Seekers with Aaron Sanchez, and most recently, aired his latest show, Man Fire Food, on the Cooking Channel, which debuted in September. In the show, Roger travels the country to discover intentive ways in which others cook with fire. We got to chat with the chef about his favorite cuisine, why he likes to grill, and what he's up to right now. 

Roger Mooking has tried it all -- from some of the spiciest dishes around in Heat Seekers to authentic eats in Thailand. We wanted to know what was one of the spiciest dishes Roger got to try while filming Heat Seekers. Coming from Trinidad, you'd think he'd be able to handle a lot of heat, but one chili soup dish was too much for him to handle and he could only gulp down two bites. 

When asked what draws him to grilling versus other methods of cooking, he explained that grilling is more primitive and is a communal activity that draws people together. BBQs always attract a lot of people and sitting around a campfire cooking s'mores or kabobs is always a great way to gather people together. 

If you had to pick one, what would be your favorite cuisine? I recently traveled to Bangkok, Thailand and got to try some amazing dishes. I'd have to pick Thai food.

What is your favorite spice to work with? Fennel seed. It is very diverse and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

What can we expect from Roger Mooking in the future? Not only is he busy promoting his new show, but Roger Mooking just attended NYCFF this past weekend! He was at the Cooking Channel's Meatpacking Uncorked event on Friday evening. The talented Roger is also coming out with a new album soon - he happens to be very musically gifted, for those who didn't know. He's got even more things on his plate, but cannot yet speak of his future endeavors, but we sure look forward to finding out about them soon!