We Like It Hot
NYC's best hot spiked drinks

The best way to warm up this time of year is by heating up your insides with a delicious hot spiked bevy. We've rounded up the tastiest, most unique hot cocktails around the city for you to try out at home or at the bar, from hot ciders to teas to everything inbetween! Cheers!                         

Bourbon Cream (Served at KTCHN)

2 ½ oz. Old Forester bourbon

1 oz. heavy cream

½ oz. cinnamon syrup

Steamed hot and sprinkled with cinnamon, nutmeg, and raw sugar.


Apple Tea Toddy (Served at Pera SoHo)

2 oz. Clemente

6 oz. apple tea

½ oz. lemon juice

½ oz. honey

Garnish with cinnamon stick and lemon wedge.

Coconut Hot Chocolate (Served at Pounds & Ounces)

1.5 oz. Stoli Chocolat Kokonut

hot chocolate

Top with fresh whipped cream, chocolate sauce drizzle, and coconut shavings.

Hard Apple Cider (Served at Little Town

1 gallon apple cider

750 mL Jim Beam

3 cinnamon sticks

1 tbs. nutmeg

3 Granny Smith apples, quartered, no seeds

Mix ingredients and heat. Garnish with apple.


Grog (Served at Hospoda)

1.5 oz. Dark Rum

Hot water

1 Slice of lemon

Mix the rum and hot water in a mug. Garnish with a lemon slice.

Kilted coffee (Served at Pera SoHo)

1.5 oz. Famous Grouse scotch

1 oz. Faretti Biscotti Liqueur

5 oz. American coffee

fresh whipped cream