Comforting Italian Fare

San Francisco has many different types of Italian cuisines. Perhaps you’ve gone for the Tuscan cuisine of Locanda or Ligurian pastas at Farina both in the heart of the “foodie hot spot,” the Mission district. I recommend venturing further north to the Marina and popping in for your fill of carbs at Ristobar. If you want to soak up a quick bite and a nice cocktail, snag a seat at in the bar area. You can’t go wrong with any of the pizzas; the crust is chewy and firm with the right amount of flavor. I suggest giving the Vesta a taste; ricotta, fennel sausage and wild arugula compliment each other without overwhelming your palate with one flavor. Don’t shy away from the sides either. Order the broccolini piccanti if you want to give your mouth a little kick, the heat is a good night ender.

Order from the extensive list of wine and scan over your options of pasta dishes. You can’t go wrong with the cavatelli, house made pasta, tomato sauce, burrata and basil, the simplicity of the dish makes it seem that much more extraordinary when you finally taste it. If you want a little meat in your dish or something a little richer, order the Agnolotti di Lidia, Piemontese style stuffed pasta filled with veal, pork, escarole and spinach drizzled with a veal reduction. Every pasta is cooked al dente, giving it the perfect bite along with what’s accompanied.

What's dinner without dessert? Be like a true Italian and order an espresso and plate of biscotteria.

Ristobar is located at 2300 Chestnut Street (at Scott Street)