Wake Up with Canard Cocktails
Coffee cocktails to liven you up

Welcome to 2013! It was quite a ride, wasn't it? Now that we are all sleep deprived and hungover, it's a perfect time to wake up and cure that hangover with some coffee cocktails, courtesy of astounding New York catering company, Canard Inc. Whip up one of the babies below and you will be out and about in no time. 

Espresso Martini
1 Part Espresso Coffee
1 Part Vanilla Vodka 
½ Part Baileys Irish Cream
In shaker mIngredients. Shake well over Ice & Strain into Martini Glass. Garnish with 2 Espresso Beans.

Chocolate Cake Martini
1 ½ Part Frangelico
1 ½ Part Fresh Brewed Coffee (at room temp.)
½ part Vodka
½ Teaspoon of sugar
Squeeze 2 lemon wedges into Shaker. Mix ingredients in shaker. Shake Well Over Ice and Strain into Martini Glass.  Garnished with Chocolate Kiss.
-For hot coffee, add ingredients (with the exception of lemon wedges) to an insulated pitcher and stir well to combine. Pour into a coffee mug, add a spoon of whipped cream and lightly shake coco powder over the top.