Green Dining at Table Verte
Eco-Friendly Fine Vegetarian Dining

Recently there has been an increase in the number of eateries focusing on healthy, clean-eating dishes, as more and more people are forming dietary restrictions and adapting a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. With so many health-conscious eateries around the city, you no longer need to settle for tofu, bland veggie burgers, and "facon" to have a healthy, satisfying meal. Opening right before Hurricane Sandy, Table Verte in the East Village offers diners of all kinds, an approachable, flavorful meal consisting of market-fresh vegetable dishes using French culinary techniques. Even the most carnivorous meat-eater you know won’t be looking around for a burger after a dinner at Table Verte.

In the small kitchen, restaurateur and chef, Didier Pawlicki (Taureau and La Sirène), along with Executive Chef Ken Larsen, the duo enhances simple ingredients into sophisticated dishes. Executive Chef Larsen, a former steakhouse chef and vegetarian for five years, creates dishes with vegetables at the center similar to the way a steakhouse molds a dish around a particular cut of meat. Honestly, you wouldn’t even miss a chicken breast or pork loin if the exact same dish was served at a steakhouse. Think of it like Thanksgiving, most of us gladly skip the turkey and dive fork first into the vegetable-based sides. Table Verte, the first and only French vegetarian restaurant in New York, menu items are all the sides you couldn’t live without during the holidays but with a gourmet kick. Chef Larsen explains that since the distinct flavors of different vegetables don’t clash with one another there are infinite options for his seasonal menu and staple dishes that are always evolving. Since the flavors complement each other so well each dish is layered with aromatic complexities and various textures. 

Seated at bright green butcher block tables in the welcoming dining room with exposed brick and hanging green-tinted light fixtures diners enjoy colorful dishes to start, such as, Assiette de Crudities, a medley of four different salads (lentil, celery root, beets, and carrot). For main courses, all reasonably priced with dishes ranging from $14.50-19.75, the Roast Broccoli with turnips, prunes and carrots in a mustard tarragon sauce is a delicious choice. A piece of meat would actually take away from this perfectly balanced plate. If you’re in the mood for the ultimate go-to comfort food, go with the Gnocchi Parisian au Gratin, a light and fluffy Parisian-styled gnocchi, with a black truffle cream sauce and Swiss cheese. Desserts are all vegetarian. Don’t leave without indulging in the absolutely decadent Tarte au Chocolat made of a raisin, rice- and almond-flour dough with a dark chocolate avocado ganache. Currently, Table Verte is BYOB—their global wine list will be debuted this Spring.

Get your daily dose of vegetables at Table Verte located at 127 East 7th Street (between Avenue A & First Ave.)

To see Table Verte’s staple menu, visit their website www.tablevertenyc.com