A new restaurant ideal for large groups

Designed with a dinner party focus, this East Village newcomer, Feast, invites diners to “explore a certain tradition, protein or season” in form of a communal, sit down meal because it “is a more interesting way to eat.” When Chef Chris Meenan (former Chef de Cuisine at Veritasand owner Brian Ghaw (Savoy Bakery in East Harlem) were brainstorming restaurant ideas for their new joint venture they both agreed that their favorite dining experiences were when they and their guests shared big family-style plates of food while enjoying long conversation.

With this in mind, Meenan and Ghaw created a rustic, warm inviting space to cater to their idea of 'the best meals are those shared with loved ones.' The menu is comprised of two different types of feast menus. The first, the Union Square Market Feast will change throughout the year as various fruits and vegetables come into season. The Nose to Tail Feast menu will focus on a specific type of animal protein. On occasion, a third feast menu will also be available to diners during special traditions (We’re betting that Thanksgiving will be amazing at Feast) and based off of regional American cuisine. For those who just wish to “dabble” and sample some of the dishes that would be incorporated into a Feast course, an al a carte menu will also be available. The 12 plates featured will include select feast dishes in addition to signature menu dishes found throughout the year.

To kick off their opening, the two Feasts available for diners is the vegetarian Union Square Feast menu featuring spaghetti squash, squash with mushroom Bolognese, mushroom strudel with Forum vinegar, baby vegetable garden and “beet frites” for an affordable $36 per person. The Mighty Lamb Feast includes lamb capriccio, merguez stew with tomato, brioche and quail eggs and lamb lasagna for $48 per person. These dishes and more are included in the Feast’s first round of feast meals. Feasts also include dessert. Beer and wine pairings are also available for the feasts, as well as homemade sodas with flavors that include lime basil, strawberry thyme, orange fennel, and more.

Opened since March 5th, Feast is located at 102 Third Avenue, NYC

For a full view of their mouthwatering menu, check out their website .